What we will do for you

We at G.E.B. Global are aware of the importance and complexity of the United States immigration process in the lives of all who have the dream of living and working in the United States and will work with you to develop a personalized route to success that fits your specific set of needs and goals.

Our office takes a 360-degree approach to presenting a well thought out fully evidenced case before immigration officers and will look at your case from all angles so that you the client is positioned in the best way possible for success.

Our office offers an array of services that will compliment and expedite your immigration process, whichever it may be, including: business-entity selection, formation, registration, and organizational structuring; review of contracts; translation services; trademark filing and preservation of intellectual property; adoptions, prenuptial and antenuptial agreements; residential and commercial lease agreements along with landlord/tenant representation; representation in front of government, administrative, and licensing agencies; representation against libel, slander, or interference in your personal and commercial pursuits; and, various other professional and individual services that may arise prior to, during, and after your immigration process.